Eye Makeup for Glasses 101

This is often a tricky one – especially for new glasses wearers. How much eye makeup is too much? Do your eyes lack oomph with not enough?
Makeup guru Bobbi Brown has compiled a great ‘go to’ list when making up your eyes as a glasses wearer and here it is:

  • use an eyeshadow or brow kit the same colour as your hair colour to fill your brows
  • choose a light base eyeshadow for the entire eyelid, from lashline to browbone
  • use a medium colour on the lower lid – from lashline to crease
  • gel liner for some impact along top lashline
  • powder liner along lower lashline
  • finish with 2 coats of waterproof mascara
bobbi Brown

Why contact lens wearers need a back up pair of specs

Apologies if it’s taking you ages to read this blog, it’s because I’m typing it with one hand…………and it’s not this one!hand

A couple of weeks ago I had a fall off a horse. Not a great way to spend my day off. I fractured my left hand but was grateful for the twin mercies of being right handed and not having to play in the State of Origin!

I’m managing to do most things one-handed albeit slowly – though I had a major moment when I thought about one-handed contact lens insertion & removal. Nigh on impossible and not to be recommended as it’s probably downright dangerous! It brought home to me the importance of contact lens wearers always having a back up pair of specs with their current prescription for situations just like mine. Giving your eyes a regular break from contact lenses is also very important for your eye health so those specs need to be at the ready.

It’s a timely reminder to make sure both your contact lens and specs prescriptions (they’re different) are up to date.

An ECO twist on recycled eyewear

Here at Paul McCarthy Optometrist we like to do our bit for sustainability and on a recent trip to New York, we discovered ECO  – an amazing eyewear range made from 95% recycled materials – plastics, metals & packaging. The ECO Biobased range goes a step further – these incredibly unique frames are made of 63% castor seed oil. If you’re looking to reduce fossil-fuel plastics from your purchasing habits, these are for you. Super bright and classic colours, ultra-light to wear and absolutely no compromise on style and quality.  But wait, there’s more……………………for every ECO frame purchased, a tree is planted by NGO Trees For The Future – so far having reached 1 million trees in Cameroon, creating sustainable farming communities. Now that’s pretty special. Call in, try ECO eyewear for yourself – you’ll look good, feel good and do good!

ECO Born biobased blue