Why contact lens wearers need a back up pair of specs

Apologies if it’s taking you ages to read this blog, it’s because I’m typing it with one hand…………and it’s not this one!hand

A couple of weeks ago I had a fall off a horse. Not a great way to spend my day off. I fractured my left hand but was grateful for the twin mercies of being right handed and not having to play in the State of Origin!

I’m managing to do most things one-handed albeit slowly – though I had a major moment when I thought about one-handed contact lens insertion & removal. Nigh on impossible and not to be recommended as it’s probably downright dangerous! It brought home to me the importance of contact lens wearers always having a back up pair of specs with their current prescription for situations just like mine. Giving your eyes a regular break from contact lenses is also very important for your eye health so those specs need to be at the ready.

It’s a timely reminder to make sure both your contact lens and specs prescriptions (they’re different) are up to date.

Written by Drummoyne Optometry