Fabulous frames, superior quality optical lenses, designer prescription sunglasses, No Gap packages and don’t forget contact lenses!

At Drummoyne Optometry, our professional and experienced staff will assist you with all your eyewear needs. Because we are independent, you will receive unbiased advice from us as to the very best options for you in frames, optical lenses and contact lenses.

If you grew up wearing ‘Coke bottle’ lenses in your glasses, you’ll be amazed at the thin and light lenses in our range.

Did you try contact lenses years ago without success? You’ll be surprised and delighted by the improvement in comfort and ease of use of new generation contact lenses.

Never realised you could have designer prescription sunglasses? Our brand name prescription sunglass packages start at just $269 complete, with brands including Calvin Klein, bebe, Anne Klein, Nautica, Converse and Nike.

The story doesn’t end there – we offer outstanding after-sales service including free minor repairs and adjustments to your glasses which can usually be done while you wait. Our online contact lens ordering is convenient and you know your contact lenses are from a safe and hygienic source.

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