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Computer Glasses – Protect Your Eyes from Digital Eye Strain

Here is a challenge for you! Think about all the things you do during the day & evening that involve looking at a screen  –  smartphone, iPad or tablet, e-reader or Kindle, laptop computer – and now think about the time you spend doing all those things. The average Australian can spend up to 10 hours per day using digital devices.

In the digital age, our eyes are working harder than ever.

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We’re using computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones often simultaneously! The downside is digital eye strain – those physical symptoms like dry, gritty eyes, trouble focusing and sore neck and shoulders that we experience after prolonged screen time. The good news is there are new lenses for your glasses which are keeping pace with our digital lifestyle.

At Drummoyne Optometry, we recommend computer glasses featuring Eye Zen lenses which:

  • Have an enhanced lower portion of the lens which eases eye strain and makes screen text and images easier to read
  • Filter out 20% of harmful ‘blue light’ emitted from digital devices
  • Have lens technology which eliminates distortion and enhances contrast on screens

Anti-reflection, scratch-resistant, multi-coated?

Confused by the language of lens coatings? We’ll work with you to help you choose the best lens coating to provide you with the clearest vision and longest wear for your lifestyle. Lens technology has come a long way – at Drummoyne Optometry we only stock and recommend the highest quality lenses with superior coatings.

Light Sight!

Have you thought about lighter, thinner lenses for your glasses? We’ll assist you to improve the weight and appearance of your lenses and open up more options for your choice of frame.

Transitions Adaptive Lenses

At Drummoyne Optometry, we recommend Transitions adaptive lenses which react with UV light to darken when outdoors. They block 100% of UV rays and are suitable for many glasses wearers, with a “love them or exchange them” guarantee!

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