New Study Main
New Study – The Danger of Cigarette Smoking to Eye Health

For years I have strongly encouraged my patients to give up smoking for the sake of their eye health and general health…

Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses
Transitions Light Intelligent Lenses

Want to make a style statement? Transitions Light Intelligent lenses are now available in four bold new colours…

Optical Extras Main
Optical Extras – Use them by 31 Dec or Lose Them!

Did you know that you can claim ANY health fund optical benefits with us? Maximise your entitlements…

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Bold is best, says Australian men’s style blogger Steve Tilly Style

With seemingly infinite choice of styles for glasses, nailing your look can take some consideration. Beyond…

How To Look Good In Glasses Main
How to Look Good in Glasses

Just like finding the perfect pair of jeans, the right glasses should be flattering, and show off your…

How To Take A Selfie Wearing Glasses Main
How to take a selfie wearing glasses

We all take selfies – they are the largest growing trend in the world. Over 1 million selfies are taken…

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Use It or Lose It! Claim Your Optical Health Fund Benefits Now!

Now is a great time to claim those benefits before they expire on December 31. Even if you don’t need…

Relief For Dry Eye Main
Relief For Dry Eye

‘Dry Eye’ or “Dry Eye Syndrome” are the terms used to describe insufficient tear film production to keep your…

Are You A Victim Of Digital Eye Strain
Are you a victim of Digital Eye Strain?

Eyes feeling tired? A headache is starting? Neck and shoulders are aching? These are common symptoms associated…

Digital Eye Strain

Australians are leading world consumers of tablets, smartphones and computers, with 80% of Australians now…

Paul Mccarthy Main
Paul McCarthy Optometrist becomes Drummoyne Optometry in 2016

We hope you enjoyed a relaxing Festive Season and had an opportunity to have a break and spend…

New Year Resolutions For Your Eyes
New Year Resolutions for your Eyes

We’d like you to focus your eyes on a few New Year Resolutions that are easy to keep and super-important for eye…

Contact Lenses And Art Main
Contact lenses and art – we talk to Suey McEnnally

Award-winning Sydney artist Suey McEnnally is a deliriously happy contact lens wearer after many years as a multifocal…

Paul Mccarthy Optometrist Test Drives Slastik Sunglasses Main
Paul McCarthy Optometrist test drives Slastik sunglasses

At Paul McCarthy Optometrist, we’re into all sorts of sports. Paul recently tested the new Slastik polarised…

Don’t Go Without Main
Don’t go without prescription sunglasses this summer!

Are you squinting in the sun and putting off buying prescription sunglasses? Well, you’re not alone…

Kale Chips Main
Kale Chips – An Eye-Healthy Snack!

Rather than raid the pantry once again for a sugary snack, I took myself out into the vege garden and picked…

Eye Makeup For Glasses 101 Main
Eye Makeup for Glasses 101

This is often a tricky one – especially for new glasses wearers. How much eye makeup is too much? Do your…

Why Contact Lens Wearers Need A Back Up Pair Of Specs 01
Why contact lens wearers need a back up pair of specs

Apologies if it’s taking you ages to read this blog, it’s because I’m typing it with one hand…

An Eco Twist On Recycled Eyewear Main
An ECO twist on recycled eyewear

Here at Paul McCarthy Optometrist we like to do our bit for sustainability and on a recent trip to New York, we…

Test For Macular Degeneration Main
Test for Macular Degeneration – it’s important to know the risk factors

May 25-30 is Macular Degeneration Awareness Week. Macular Degeneration (or MD) is Australia’s leading cause of…

Opti Free Puremoist Main
Opti-Free Puremoist Contact Lens solution for $19.95 while stocks last!

Now is the time to call in to Paul McCarthy Optometrist and grab a value pack of Opti-Free Puremoist Contact Lens solution…

Buy A Pair And Main
Buy a pair and give a pair with Paul McCarthy Optometrist and Seeing Eye to Eye

Here at Paul McCarthy Optometrist, we are great supporters of global vision charity Optometry Giving Sight (OGS) and…

Free Polarised Main
FREE Polarised Sunglasses with your contact lens order @ Paul McCarthy Optometrist

Running low on contact lenses? Now is the time to order a 6 month supply of contact lenses* – and we’ll give…

Season’s Greetings Main
Season’s Greetings from Paul McCarthy Optometrist

It’s that time of year again – wow, hasn’t it come around fast!! There are still a few days left to claim this year’s health…

You Bought A Jeep Main
You bought a Jeep! Jeep Eyewear at Paul McCarthy Optometrist

The new range of Jeep men’s eyewear is here at Paul McCarthy Optometrist and you don’t need a Jeep to get your…

Time Flies Main
Time Flies! Claim Your Optical Benefits before December 31!

Don’t miss out on claiming your private health fund optical benefits in 2014! Most health fund optical benefits…

Nikon Lenses At Paul Mccarthy Optometrist
Nikon Lenses at Paul McCarthy Optometrist

At Paul McCarthy Optometrist, we recommend Nikon spectacle lenses. Why? Because Nikon takes the world’s greatest…

Kids See For Free At Paul Mccarthy Optometrist Main
Kids See for Free at Paul McCarthy Optometrist

Did you know that your primary school child can SEE FOR FREE on a second pair of glasses at Paul McCarthy Optometrist…

Gucci Eyewear Winter 2014 Main
Gucci Eyewear Winter 2014 at Paul McCarthy Optometrist

The beautifully crafted and luxurious Gucci eyewear range has arrived at the practice – featuring timeless Gucci styling…

We’re Having A Makeove Main
We’re having a makeover! Important practice closure information for patients

We’re having a makeover at Paul McCarthy Optometrist during the first week of June 2014 and the practice will be closed…

Mother’s Day Gift Main
Mother’s Day Gift Certificates at Paul McCarthy Optometrist

Well, we hope Mum’s glasses don’t look like this but if they do, we have the answer for Mother’s Day…

See Red With Sensational Main
See Red with Sensational Red Eyewear for Autumn and Winter 2014

During April, our Seeing Red promotion invites you to visit Paul McCarthy Optometrist and explore…

Glaucoma – Main
Glaucoma – irreversible blindness can strike at any age

This week is World Glaucoma Week and this morning ABC News Breakfast aired a very informative…

Back To School Eye Tests For Children 01
Back to School eye tests for children

The start of the school year is a very good time to have your child’s eyes checked. At Paul McCarthy…

Soccer Goggles Main
Soccer goggles, AFL goggles – get ready for the 2014 season!

January is a great time to get your eyes organised for the 2014 season. At Paul McCarthy Optometrist Drummoyne…

Today Tonight Main
Today Tonight interview with Paul McCarthy Optometrist – children, iPads, iPhones & their eyes

Earlier this week, Paul was interviewed by Today Tonight for a story on children’s use of computers, smartphones…

Sensational Salmon & Silverbeet Main
Sensational Salmon & Silverbeet – Eye Health Powerhouses!

Salmon and silverbeet – two of my favourite things! I grow the latter in my vege garden all year…

Save $100 On Main
Save $100 on Transitions Adaptive Lenses with Oroton, Sass & Bide and Morrissey

Enjoy the convenience of needing only one pair of glasses for indoors and outdoors! We’re offering $50 off single…

Kate Spade New York Glasses 01
Kate Spade New York glasses – chic, smart and in Drummoyne!

Eyewear from Kate Spade New York is perfect for petite faces – with both plastic and metal frames in…

Rush The Movie And Carrera Sunglasses
Rush the Movie and Carrera Sunglasses

Ron Howard’s new movie Rush, features stars Daniel Bruhl and Chris Hemsworth wearing Carrera sunglasses…

Jono Hennessy Eyewear
Jono Hennessy Eyewear – iconic, vibrant, Australian!

An icon of the Australian eyewear scene, Jono Hennessy Sceats frames feature quirky design and colour…

New Nike Main
New Nike Sports Performance Sunglasses at Sport Sight

Calling all sports lovers! We’ve just unpacked our new Nike Sports Performance Sunglasses…

Victoria’s Secret 02
Victoria’s Secret Model Ana Hickmann unveils her eyewear range

Although Paul McCarthy Optometrist didn’t receive a personal visit from Victoria’s Secret model…

Suffering From Main
Suffering from Dry Eyes? Try Lacritec Tablets

If you’re suffering with dry scratchy eyes, excessive watery eyes, stinging eyes, or red & itchy eyes…

Check Out Our New Main
Check Out Our New and Exclusive Marc Jacobs Eyewear!

The Marc Jacobs eyewear collection is luxurious, sophisticated and exclusive to Paul McCarthy Optometrist…

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