Test for Macular Degeneration – it’s important to know the risk factors

May 25-30 is Macular Degeneration Awareness Week. Macular Degeneration (or MD) is Australia’s leading cause of blindness, it affects your central vision and early diagnosis is the key to slowing its progression.

The key risk factors are age (being 50 or older), a family history of MD, and being (or having been) a smoker. At Paul McCarthy Optometrist, our thorough and comprehensive eye examination includes screening for Macular Degeneration and referral where appropriate to ophthalmologists who specialise in treatment options to slow the progression of MD.

Do you have a family history of MD? Talk to your family, ask about older family members and any history of vision loss. Contact us to book a screening test (the test is completely painless) for Macular Degeneration today.

Written by Drummoyne Optometry