Dental Loupes
Dental Loupes

Loupes Fitting in Sydney

Enhance your visual precision in dental and surgical procedures with the loupes offered by Drummoyne Optometry.

At Drummoyne Optometry, we provide a superior loupes package to ensure greater value for money for your purchase.

Explore your options for dental and surgical loupes below.

Dental Loupes

Improve your dental work, enhance your vision, and correct your posture with our range of dental loupes in Sydney.

Our dental loupes are affordable, lightweight, adjustable and customised. Designed to improve patient care and dental results, Drummoyne Optometry is dedicated to providing the very best dental loupes in Sydney.

Surgical Loupes

For enhanced magnification, resolution, field of view, and depth of field, ask Drummoyne Optometry about our surgical loupes in Sydney.

German engineered for superior quality, our surgical loupes ensure comfort for the practitioner and promote more precise surgical results. Serving as a natural extension of your vision, our ergonomically designed surgical loupes are ideal for Sydney surgeons.

Dental Loupes

Superior Loupes Packages

For more affordable dental and surgical loupes, consider the superior loupes package from Drummoyne Optometry.

Our loupes package includes:

  • An initial consultation and loupes measurement at our practice
  • Frame and lens selection
  • Lens glazing and loupes fitting
  • Delivery of quality, German-made Zeiss loupes
  • Fitting and adjustment at our practice
  • An aftercare appointment at our practice

The cost of loupes appliances is fully tax deductible for most dental and medical professionals, and you may be able to claim through your private health fund optical benefits – just ask us for details.

Fitted Loupes Benefits

The benefits of our fitted loupes include:

  • Enhanced visual precision in dental and surgical procedures
  • Improved ergonomics while you work
  • Fully assured product quality – we use German-made Zeiss loupes
  • Professionally measured and fitted loupes that are customised for you

Interested in our loupes packages? Enquire here.

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