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Children’s Optometrist Services

We make your child’s eye test an enjoyable and positive experience! Eye tests for children take around 30-45 minutes. As the consultation room has to be darkened, it is reassuring to have a parent or special carer in the consulting room, however for safety and distraction reasons, siblings and other family members are asked to remain in the waiting room.

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What happens during your child’s eye test?
  • We will take a detailed history and ask about any current symptoms
  • Current visual acuity – how well your child can see – is measured using pictures, numbers or letters depending upon your child’s age and literacy level
  • The ability to focus, eye muscle balance, movement and co-ordination are all measured.
  • Depth perception is assessed
  • Eyes are assessed for optical correction and new visual acuity
  • We will also assess your child’s eye health and provide a diagnosis and suggested course of action
  • We will provide a referral to a paediatric ophthalmologist or other medical professional if required
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