Relief for Dry Eye


‘Dry Eye’ or “Dry Eye Syndrome” are the terms used to describe insufficient tear film production to keep your eyes lubricated and comfortable.  An eye lubricant such as Hylo Forte can help reduce symptoms and discomfort.

Symptoms of dry eye include:

  • Burning, stinging eyes
  • Runny eyes (which goes against the notion of ‘dry eye’ but is often a symptom)
  • Tired eyes
  • Itchiness and redness
  • Eyes that feel gritty
  • Occasional blurred vision

Anyone of any age can suffer from dry eye, though as we get older we tend to produce less tear film. Some medications can trigger it, as can menopause and medical conditions such as arthritis. Another key factor these days is the amount of time we all spend on computer screens and other digital devices. That, combined with air conditioning or winter heating, creates the perfect conditions for dry eye.

Hylo Forte relieves these symptoms and provides long-lasting and soothing relief. I use it myself when I suffer from dry eye. It is very easy to use, is preservative-free and is also very economical as it lasts for 6 months after opening. Hylo Forte is available at Drummoyne Optometry – speak to us about how it can assist in the management of your dry eye symptoms. We can also perform a comprehensive dry eye examination and recommend further treatments. Book an appointment online at or call us on 9181 3157.


Are you a victim of Digital Eye Strain?

Eyes feeling tired?

A headache is starting?

Neck and shoulders are aching?

These are common symptoms associated with Digital Eye Strain (DES). DES is related to the overuse of digital devices

Australians spend at least 10 hours a day in front of their digital devices. Have you ever thought about what the screens of our digital devices are doing to our eyes?

Digital devices are back lit and emit blue-violet light that our eyes are not made to be over exposed to. Over exposure to this blue light can cause discomfort and long term effects to our eyes. Essilor’s solution to DES is Eyezen Lenses.

Eyezen is a new range of lenses designed for a connected life. The lenses are the most technologically advanced lenses designed for how you view your digital screens.

Eyezen lenses help relax the eyes, giving you better focus thanks to its exclusive technology. Eyezen also features a coating that filters out harmful blue light and enhances the contrast without changing the colour of the screen, giving you clearer vision.

Eyezen lenses are available to everyone, whether you have prescription glasses or not.

Eyezen is the clear choice for all digital device users.  Visit for more information.

Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eyestrain – a modern day condition.

Australians are leading world consumers of tablets, smartphones and computers, with 80% of Australians now owning and using a smartphone. Australians spend an average of 10 hours and 24 minutes on digital devices every day. Collectively, we look at our smartphones more than 440 million times a day, and 75% of us regularly engage in multi-tasking across multiple screens and devices.

The digital age has changed the way we work, learn, shop, socialise and relax; however, our eyes are not accustomed to the changes of the modern age and it is taking a toll on many of us.  The proliferation of devices and growing usage rates creates the question; how will our vision adapt to our relatively newfound habits?

In response, Drummoyne Optometry is launching a local campaign to create awareness in the community that extended device usage may lead to a condition referred to as “Digital Eye Strain”.

Recent studies show that as many as 65% of digital device users experience digital eye strain symptoms. Digital Eye Strain is the physical eye discomfort felt by many individuals after two or more hours in front of a digital screen. Symptoms can include: eye strain/fatigue, dry/itchy/burning or red eyes, blurred vision, headaches and neck/shoulder/back pain. The severity depends on the individual and the time spent on digital devices.

So how are smart phones, tablets, computers and multi device use causing digital eye stain?

  • Our eyes are focusing more intensively, switching frequently between devices and adjusting to increasingly smaller, pixelated characters;
  • The smartphone has created a new ‘ultra near’ vision zone, placing even greater demands on our eyes;
  • The normal blinking rate is often reduced from 17 or more blinks a minute to 12 to 15 blinks, affecting tear production5;
  • Digital devices are backlit and emit blue light, causing eye strain as well as being linked to disrupted sleeping patterns;
  • Posture is changing as we lean towards screens or slouch in chairs, placing additional strain on the neck and back6.

Studies show that a large proportion of the community is likely to suffer from one or more symptoms of digital eye strain, but many will not even be aware that this condition exists.  This is where we come in, as we can prescribe the latest innovative technology to alleviate the symptoms of digital eye strain.  Digital use lenses eliminate glare, filter out blue light and prevent vision fatigue and the good news is that we can help both prescription wearers and non-prescription wearers.  Our recommendation is tailored to an individual’s digital environment, device usage and the type of work they do.  When you combine digital specific eyewear with blinking more often, taking regular breaks and adjusting device display settings, eyes will feel more relaxed and comfortable throughout the day.

As part of the “Digital Eye Strain” campaign we are urging people, regardless of whether they currently wear glasses, to take the time and recognise whether they have digital eye strain symptoms.  Understanding the impact of digital device usage on an individual’s eyes is one aspect that we will discuss with you as part of the practice’s thorough 360° comprehensive eye consultation.