Kids See for Free at Paul McCarthy Optometrist

Did you know that your primary school child can SEE FOR FREE on a second pair of glasses at Paul McCarthy Optometrist?

This great offer is available all year round when you purchase your first pair of frames and lenses to the value of $250. Your child’s second free pair, from our Spinach Kids range (because Spinach is good for your eyes!) is a perfect spare pair to keep at school.  Most prescriptions are suitable for the Kids See for Free 2nd Pair Offer – an additional charge may be payable for some high prescriptions, just check with Paul or Fabian.

So there you have it, a pair and a free spare – the solution to “Mum, I forgot to take my glasses to school!”

Optometrist for kids, Drummoyne

Kids See For Free
on a 2nd Pair

Written by Drummoyne Optometry