Bold is best, says Australian men’s style blogger Steve Tilly Style

With seemingly infinite choice of styles for glasses, nailing your look can take some consideration. Beyond finding a shape that flatters your face, there are also choices to be made about the style of your frames and lenses.

While neutral tones may seem an obvious choice for something that’ll be worn daily, Steve Tilbrook, the style blogger behind the menswear blog Steve Tilly Style, says that making a statement with your glasses can be much more fun.

“In the past, eyewear trends were about looking refined–slim, dark frames that blended into your look,” says Steve.

“But now, I’m looking for bright and bold, to stand out from the rest. The retro look is pretty hot at the moment and adding some colour to this brings it into the now.”

No stranger to embracing colour in his daily wear, Steve encourages his readers to embrace some creativity and sense of personal style when choosing their attire.

Steve Tilly wears Transitions Style Colours in emerald. Photos: Eli Francis

“Glasses can be one of the first things people notice about you, so why not say something with them?” Steve says.

“Stylish eyewear is a great way to show people that you care about your look, and can definitely help you look confident and successful.”

Since getting his Transitions® Style Colours lenses in Emerald and Amber, Steve says that they’ve become a staple of his daily style.

“I’ve had so much fun styling the emerald and amber lenses. One day I’ll match them in, and another I’ll use them as a contrast colour and match this with a small part of the outfit, such as a pocket square, lapel pin or tie clip,” he says.

The Transitions® Style Colours Collection lenses respond to changes in light, becoming tinted in the sun. This functionality makes them ideal for daily eyewear, meaning only one pair is needed for indoors, outdoors and evenings.

In addition to 100% UV protection, the lenses also guard against the blue light omitted by devices.

Choose your colour now, and ask your optometrist for Transitions® Style Colours Collection.

How to Look Good in Glasses


Just like finding the perfect pair of jeans, the right glasses should be flattering, and show off your natural features. There are a lot of options to choose from when filling your prescription, so you can always find a look that suits your face and your style.

When putting your look together, you’ll need to choose both a frame and a lens. The Transitions Style Colours Collection gives you four bold and stylish new colours to choose from, as well as the convenience of having a photochromic lens, meaning your glasses will become tinted, like sunglasses, when you step outside

To celebrate the launch of the Transitions Style Colours Collection, here’s our go-to guide on finding a pair of glasses that suit your face shape!



Round faces are all about curves. With gorgeous fuller cheeks, a wide forehead and a rounded chin, this face shape is usually equal in width and length.

Who has it: Mila Kunis, Chrissy Teigen

Frame it: If you’ve got a rounder face, you’ll probably want to add more definition with angular and rectangular frames. Round faces also work well with frames that have a slight upsweep at the corners to show off those plump cheeks and bring the eyes into focus.










Your face is longer than it is wide, and your jaw and hairline are both square. The right frames will add width and break up the length of your face.

Who has it: Sarah Jessica Parker, Sandra Bullock

Frame it: To create the illusion of a shorter, wider face and to soften your jawline, try frames with a strong or accented brow line to add the appearance of broadness in your face. If your nose is long, try frames with a lower bridge.









If you’ve got a wide forehead, narrower jaw line, high cheekbones and small chin, your face is shaped
just like a heart. The trick for heart-shaped faces is finding styles that balance the varying widths of the face. 

Who has it: Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry

Frame it: Retro cat-eye shaped glasses will best accentuate your face shape because they’re wider at the top and narrower at the bottom – emphasising and contouring your lovely face shape.










If you’ve got an oval-shaped face, you’re in luck. It is the easiest shape to find frames for thanks to balanced proportions, a narrow forehead and jawline and high cheekbones. 

Who has it: Jessica Alba, Eva Mendes

Frame it: Just about any style is going to work with your face, so choose the ones that you love wearing the most. But make sure your frames don’t divert attention from your amazing proportions by opting for frames that are broader than the widest part of your face.








Remember: You can always consult your optician for advice on the best frame designs to match your look.

Ask your optometrist for Transitions Style Colours and have fun creating your own signature style.

How to take a selfie wearing glasses


We all take selfies – they are the largest growing trend in the world. Over 1 million selfies are taken every day! But what are the tips for taking a great selfie when you wear glasses?

Rule No. 1 is to make sure the lenses of your glasses have an anti-reflection coating – as well as giving you clearer vision, this will avoid reflections on your lenses and allow your glasses to look good in all types of light. At Drummoyne Optometry, we recommend Essilor’s Crizal anti-reflection coating.

Here are some professional tips courtesy of for successful selfie-taking – with your glasses on!

  • The rule of thirds – the rule of thirds basically asks you to imagine your screen as a grid of 3 by 3 sections to create reference points. Then, when you are taking the selfie, make sure your eyes are a third down from the top most edge of the screen and inclined to one side of the frame. This will help you get your glass covered eyes in the best angle.
  • Focus on the face – The main objective of the selfie, in general, is to focus on your face and not the background. An out of focus background is what you need to create a selfie which arouses interest.
  • Enhance to accentuate – A little touching up of the selfie is not a bad thing to do! In fact, by using one of the enhancing applications, you can accentuate your facial features for a more remarkable selfie.
  • Backlighting – ensure that the source of light is behind your head when taking a selfie. This will create an interesting impact and form the perfect source of light.
  • Tilt your head – tilt your head slightly in a way that the glasses are lower than the angle at which the light source has been set.