Time Flies! Claim Your Optical Benefits before December 31!

Don’t miss out on claiming your private health fund optical benefits in 2014! Most health fund optical benefits expire on 31 December each year and are not rolled over – so use them or lose them!

At Paul McCarthy Optometrist we encourage our patients to claim their optical benefits every year – even if they’re not due for an eye test. If your prescription is current, call in and choose a pair of prescription sunglasses, a convenient second pair of multifocals, reading glasses or distance glasses – or stock up on contact lenses.

If it’s time for an eye test – book in soon! Appointments are filling up quickly as we head towards December. Call us on 9181-3157 or click on “Request An Appointment” here on our website and we’ll organise an appointment for you at your convenience.

Time Flies #2

Written by Drummoyne Optometry